Advertising Analysis: Pop Chips as endorsed by Katy Perry

bite me pop chip advertisement katy perry

Advertising Analysis #1 Using Tom Lenon’s Advertising Concept Word List

Summary: (medium, typeface, etc.) Describe the thing.

Billboard in Capitol Hill, Seattle, last seen Monday, October 1st, 2012. Bold colors, sans-serif white font. Photographic approach.

visual method:
Type Plus Image
Celebrity endorsement

Analysis: What approaches? Audience? 

Audience: young, culture-driven food product purchasers. Young women who are watching their weight, eating baked chips and are influenced by Katy Perry’s endorsement; PopChips is using the “glittering personality” appeal. A nod to the “pop” in the brand’s name, the brand using the popstar to seem hip and fun. The use of space, the bright red, the use of a geometric font,  the styling is also nodding to the mod 60’s and vampire movie culture. The billboard is also using contextualism. A vampire billboard in the month of October is intentional, reminding the viewer of  Halloween, a holiday specifically fun for the young crowd, involving dressing up and partying (perhaps at parties that serve chips?).

emotional/social/personal appeal

Sexual Attraction
Social Aspiration
Personal Improvement
Fantasy Fulfillment

cultural resonance
Visual/ Verbal Cliche
TV/ Movie culture
Pop Music Culture
Age group culture




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