The Next Ten Years Poster

the next 10 years poster

For Self-Directed Project class, the first (not self-directed) project was to make a poster reflecting my next ten years. My initial idea was to make a bunch of origami fortune tellers, but I didn’t know how I’d glue them to a poster, so then I thought more about having the same kind of system, but as a flow chart. It was a lot easier than I thought. Flow charts are complicated. Don’t get me wrong. But, if you approach it a little bit at a time, it’s okay. I decided a pick A, B or C style would be ambitious but doable. I started by making the progression for “what if I answered all a’s.” And went on until a fantastic and glorious story about my future unraveled (I restore democracy). Then, I took care of the loose ends. The rest of the B or C lead to some okay or unsavory demise.

I wanted to illustrate each text box. I thought some of them would have very funny cartoons hidden like chocolates in an advent calendar (I was planning on making doors), but frankly, I ran out of time. I used InDesign to create the text. Creating linked frames so I could note which events were connected. Chris S. noted I could have used tables or cell styles. (I don’t know about that, but I am excited to learn them later in his class.) I used a simple square-ish grid 7 units by 4 units. I took a screenshot and made the map portion in PhotoShop. (For the different colored paths, I used color overlay which is a lot easier than switching the actual brush color— if you don’t know Ps, this isn’t for you.) I added some hand-drawn doodle things and a picture of me with my amazon smile. I don’t think the contrast is high enough on the image to notice the smile at first.

Screen Shot of poster in progress
Screen Shot of poster in progress

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