Drawing Meeting No.1

contour line drawing of my left hand
blind contour line drawing of my left hand

Today was the first meeting of Drawing Group/Club/Class. We had a 15 min sketch time, drawing from real life. Introduction to Blind Contour drawing (without looking at what you are drawing, try to capture the shape of your subject in a single fluid line).

Use your pencil. Use it hardly, softly, violently. Find ways to make different marks with it. Drawing is about the line, essentially. And finding different ways to express your subject using force. Shading comes into play, but it is the line that gives Drawing depth and drama.


We had a little introduction circle at the end of the session. It turns out that most of us come from the same place, we want to draw, tell stories, problem solve, sharpen our techniques. Some of us are just starting while others go way back with drawing. I feel like I have been drawing my whole life, but I always feel like there’s something to learn, a fresh way to engage with art, creativity and the interesting analysis that comes with drawing. Next week’s topic: Negative Space!


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