Finished Animation: Mister Yoks and the Shortcuts

still of yoks animation
still of yoks animation

Mr.Yoks Project. I made this animation without using a story board. I had the inspiration of Photoshop shortcuts and I let them take me as long as I felt I could go. It was really interesting. Because the frame-by-frame animation is so slow, it gave me a lot of time to think of the next thing. I think that’s why cartoons are so zany. Because it takes so much time, you literally go crazy. If I were to do this more often, I would by one of those Hand Tally Counters because I kept losing track of the frame I was on.

I saw this set of jokey book covers like “If You Give a Browser a Cookie” (a parody of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”) and I thought to myself, where are the children’s stories that reflect the times. They don’t have to be parodies. I’ve seen youtube videos of toddlers playing with iPads (and even, the funnier, toddlers trying to engage magazines in the same way). Let’s give them virtual crayons. Is there a photoshop for children? What wonders their minds would wrought! Or is it too soon? Is there a fundamental stage where children need to be creating with their own hands and minds before technological intervention?


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