Web Design Process: My First Linked Page

mike's tutoring site version 2
Mike’s tutoring site version 2

Mike’s Tutoring Website. Today’s fun: writing copy and adding the contact page. This site is a simple one. I kept the layout the same. Maybe, too much the same. I’m going to get some input on it and possibly change it tomorrow. In my coding today, the footer somehow flew up to my nav bar, which made a lot of sense considering I didn’t have anything else going on up there, so I kept it there. I added a background (very subtle) and linked a page. I called it “page 1” but I noticced that whatever I called it is in the url so, I’m going to go back and change that tomorrow. There was a funny moment when I tested the website in the browser. I clicked “contact” which led to my new page and then I tried to get back to my home page and kept clicking on the logo until I realized there was no link there! (It was funny. You’d have to be me.) So, I had to go back and add that and then I saw that “index.html” at the url. Now, I know why that pops up!

There’s some difference in styling I’ll have to smooth over tomorrow, too. There’s a thing they say about creativity. If you want to foster it, leave some stuff to do the next day. That keeps your momentum.


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