Web Design Process: Mike’s Tutoring, Part 1

mike's tutoring style tile web design adjectives textures photographic styles
Version 1 of Mike’s Tutoring style tile

I wanted to expand my web design portfolio, so I hit up one of my friends who has been making low efforts at marketing his tutoring services. I sent Mike an email with a list of discovery questions like “What is the company personality – what tone is appropriate for your organization?” His visual brand is completely undeveloped, giving me an opportunity to shape his brand through designing the website. (I originally offered to design a poster, but I felt the first step for a company/business these days is to have a functional source of information about itself.) Using what I know about Mike, his interests and design aesthetics, I assembled a  series of photographs (a mini-moodboard) and then I created the rest of the Style Tile. I used Subtle Patterns for my texture choices. I will present it to him and begin the next stage: revising the style tile to get the go-ahead from the client to start  the layout.

Update: I received Mike’s imput. A strong “okay” on most of it. (You’ll find that many clients have no idea what they are looking at.) Style Tiles are far from the final product and it’s hard to imagine the stylings with better copy and usuable images. I’m going to change the display font on the logo (where it says “mike’s tutoring” in a font called “Dead History”) and present him with the site map.

site map for mike's tutoring website home contact info


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