Certificate Design

Certificate gold seal Katarina Countiss
The final design looks something like this. I replaced the company branding with “me-ipsum.”

Today, at the internship, I got an assignment: redesign a training course completion certificate for a heath care company. I was clarifying the verbal creative brief with my project manager. He relayed the mood adjectives and I made a mood board. It wasn’t so much a mood board as much as an answer to what does a certificate (specifically “non-academic”) look like?

I used three different programs to create this. I started with making vector shapes for the logo accessories. (These things are elements done in the brand’s style, but not the logo itself. Then, I used photoshop to get some embossing effects, then I put my images into InDesign then added the text. My design reflects corporate minimalism with attention to texture to give it an “authentic” appeal. I’m going to continue to play with it. It doesn’t have that “ahh…” moment. (That sigh of relief, when you thought you might fail and then at the end, it turns out you like your design.)

certificate inspiration
certificate inspiration

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