30 Day Challenge: Official Start

30 Day Drawing Challenge Pin
30 Day Drawing Challenge Pin by

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Thanks to the dryer machine effect of the Internet (the idea that you will never find that other sock and that you’ll never find the author of something that’s been circulating around so much), I don’t know who started this 30-day challenge, but I stumbled upon (using the discovery engine by the same name) Allison Lehman‘s design/photography blog where she starts the 30-day challenge. She found out about the challenge from a pin on Pinterest. So it goes.

I want to encourage everyone to start this with me. I know that people give themselves reasons not to create and perhaps it’s because a lack of an audience. Here I am (and a few others that have already signed on) to start the challenge with you.

The first “showing” is tonight. We’ll post our stuff and in the evening (I’d say by 11:59pm, but if you’re late, who cares?) and congratulate each other on another day worth living because we got to create. Each day there will be a different prompt (as listed above in the image). If you skip a day, you must move on to the next one on the list. If you want to join for a prompt you are excited about and only want to do a few of them, that’s fine. But, it would be better received on the anointed day when we are all comparing notes about our favorite words, or food or whatever.

You can email me your image at katarina@countissarts.com and I’ll post it up in the gallery post I’ll make on this blog.

Recap of the Rules:

Follow the prompt of the day.
Choose whatever medium you want.
Share (with your favorite social media) in the evening.

Day 1: Yourself. I’ll be looking forward to tonight’s showing!



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