Responsive Design Research: Template (for PowerPoint)

Responsive Design Research: As part of my last assignment in Web Design Bootcamp, I am to take snapshots of Responsive Websites in the Summer of 2012. (What is Responsive? I love this article that answers that question.)

The first step in any research project is developing a system for collecting information. I decided that it would be important to include the date of when I accessed the website. Sometimes websites change and I wanted to show a moment in time, a website trapped in amber. I originally started designing my presentation in InDesign. I thought it would give the best option for my research because I could use Master pages to make subsequent pages faster. My biggest problem was when I tried to upload InDesign files to my blog (here) and I couldn’t do it. I imagine that there isn’t a very good Indesign file hosting service because the files are so big.

Microsoft Powerpoint has Slideshare. SlideShare is an online slide hosting service. This is a great place to store templates, that way if I want to work at home and then at work, I can just download the template slide and all my styling and positioning is going to be identical. And I won’t have to worry about links. Also, it annoys the heck out of me when presentations are vertical –something people are want to do when they are designing in InDesign.

Feel free to download this PowerPoint for your own research. I know sometimes the part of making the frame for the content is a little intimidating. (Click here and then click download.) This initial research (as pictured above and in the template) is formatted from a tweet from Smashing Magazine. Their find of this site and analysis inspired me to start on my homework. (I probably would have set the assignment aside if I didn’t see their tweet on this cool responsive design solution.)


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  1. i am so impressed with this! blog deigsn has been killing me lately–i have so many ideas but i simply do not know html for the life of me! loving your work, so pretty!!! great, great job!

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