Owls Painting

Triangles abstract
Triangles abstract

I painted this evening after being inspired by a PBS Off Book video about Etsy. The series often have little tips for the media that they are spotlighting. In this case, they recommended (among other things) that if you are into Etsy crafts and can’t think of anything else, make some owls. So, I went with that. Making this video. This kind of painting is just freeform. Like performance art more than not. I had the idea of “owls” when I started. I ended up with a triangle night sky and an owl changing color, growing flowers for eyes, growing a stem and then a female owl growing out from an unseen ground and they fall in love (hence the hearts) and sing themselves into oblivion. If only life were so simple.

I had a hard time because this paint doesn’t dry fast enough and then everything looks like the color I wanted but plus gray. I want one of those camera pods that can be stationed on the ground. I currently have my camera suspended from a dangling light fixture and it’s causing this unnecessary frame-wiggle. I feel like this painting video thing is a promising avenue, but I am wondering what to do with it.

Music:Constructions normales (Je ne suis pas un remix) by vo1k1. I got the music for this video from ccMixter. It is licensed under creative commons.


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