Revisiting Science for Artists

blue fractal art science for artists launch screen
science for artists launch screen

Last summer, I started a blog called Science for Artists. It’s a blog for my favorite excerpts and syntheses of my summer reading. Today, I found a link to this article on my Twitter, NPR’s article ”When Art Meets Science, You’ll Get The Picture” by Nancy Shute. It resurrected feelings I feel about art, science and design and how communication is sometimes obscured when its form becomes too beautiful. Here’s my blogged response.

I spent some time looking at my blog. This website that I hadn’t updated in six months. I remembered how excited and inspired I was last summer, reading intense texts about the beauty of nature and science. It seems like a different life. Very different from my current one of the office, designing things for mobile and updating my Facebook. I am grateful for my research. When revisited Science for Artists blog, I added more sharing buttons. Some that didn’t exist a year ago. I changed the theme so it would be responsive (that it would change its format slightly to accommodate smaller screen sizes).  I pinned, tweeted, dugg, reddited and facebooked one of the blog posts. It’s fun seeing the numbers of visits rise just from clicking the share buttons on one post. I think there is probably an interesting graph that describes what would happen if I “shared” varying amounts. At what point would my audience be inundated with links to the same blog in a short amount of time?

In WordPress, there’s an admin section called Appearance. Within that menu there’s a place to upload images for iPad features. I made a cover logo and launch screen image. I love the idea that someone is tucked snugly under a blanket on his couch, with his iPad, reading my favorite book excerpts.

So, yes. Please check it out. And I am currently looking for more people to post on the site with me. One of the things I keep reading about when I read about blogging is that there are many benefits from multiple users posting to one blog. So, if the “magical junction between science and art” elicits a response from you, send me a message at



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