App Design Process: “Wire frames”

Using tips from this article entitled “‎10 simple ways to make wireframes more useful”– I added color to keep track of what specific part of the task my user was at– I made these wireframes for my first task flow for the LastFall app. The user wants to enter information (a.k.a. an accident report). As the user fills in the appropriate information, the corresponding buttons go grey as an indicator that they no longer need to be filled. The buttons go from black to red when they are actively being used. I think the buttons are a little on the big side, but I was also thinking that in the area where the logo lives, there can be a dropdown menu that includes settings for sizes.
I think this would be a fun learning app for kids. They can see where and how often they get hurt. I wonder if that will affect their development. How are apps used for cognitive behaviorism? (That’s the approach for changing how a person behave by changing how a person thinks.) I would think that there might be something therapeutic that a person should be doing after an injury, an idea explored in this article about learning fear. I am curious about studies on how apps affect the brain in young children.

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