How to make a facebook page like Richard Karstom

how to make a facebook page like richard karstom

step 1. Print screen your facebook profile.

step 2. Open Adobe Photoshop

step 3. Click crop tool. specify width of 851 pixels and height of 315 pixels.

step 4. crop image to get a nice border around the area where the cover photo goes.

step.5. Open a new photoshop file with the with width of 851 pixels and height of 315 pixels.

step 6. Place your cropped image of your facebook screen shot.

step 7. Align and lock that layer into place.

step 8. Take the selector tool and select the part where your profile picture protrudes. (See image)

step.9. use shortcut shift-command-I to reverse the selection. click the layer mask tool button. What appears is what you will be copying and scaling down to create your vortex.

The layer mask button is the the icon that looks like a reversed Japan flag. (circle in rectangle at the bottom of your layers window.

Step. 10. add guides. Go to your rulers and click and drag light blue colored lines to the upper left corner that will make your cover act like a window. (See image)

step. 11. Copy the layer. Then drag the layer copy to the corner. It will snap to the guides. Then hit command-T to scale down your image.

step 12 Drag the lower right hand corner until it fits snugly into the cover space. Remember to hold down the shift button so it will scale porportionally. If you don’t, you will ruin the illusion.

step 13. If it looks like the above image, you are golden. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until your cover has tunnelled to your liking.

step 14. Put an image of yourself or who ever in there. remove the background of your picture to create the feeling like you are in the world of cyberspace.

Step yay! You are ready to upload to Facebook! Your patience astounds me!

Thank you Richard Karstom for your brilliant idea. And thank you to that user to asked Google “how to make a facebook page like richard karstom” and found me. (I had mentioned the Karstom tunnel as the inspiration for my social media loop attempt.) I want to provide content that people are looking for. When people ask Google something and get me as their first result, I want to have that thing.


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