App Design Process: Outline

site map for last fall app home sharing report
site map for last fall app

The naming is very important. I used nameboy to come up with the app name: LastFall. Short, catchy. There are a couple of hits for that because it’s the name of a Lifehouse song, or something like that.

This app is about logging incidents. Task flow: you get injured on your bike. You take a picture of the “scene of the crime,” choose the “culprit” icon. Then the app generates a human silhouette of a human being interacting with the “culprit” (there will be twenty or so in stock). Then it captures your map location. You have the option of tapping where you were injured on an anatomic diagram and then all of the information is sent to your Tumblr. Where you can distribute that url to your various sharing sites.

Here’s the theme that is inspiring a good chunk of the rest of the design process– I added the quote. (Credit for the tumblr: inspired by the work of Saul Bass, Art Goodman and Dave Nagata.hitchcock typeface by Matt Terich. tumblr theme by Matthew Buchanan.)

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