Painting Video: Black and White

black and white abstract painting

I made this acrylic painting yesterday after I became frustrated with coding a website. I love art because sometimes there is no “why.” In graphic design, people will ask, “why is it blue” or “why is it three inches tall?” In art, there sometimes is no other reason than “I just was compelled to do it.” I am experimenting with painting. I lost the third installation of this painting video. I need a new camera. My goal is to eventually create an animation effect using paint and video. I have a lot of dreams relating to  visual art. A lot of them look like this. I am trying to solve a design in my sleep. It revolves: I am hoping the solution is as easy as turning it on its side. I wake up feeling like I’ve done nothing.


Music: Tekno Crazy by  DoKashiteru. I got the music for this video from It is licensed under creative commons.


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