My First Web Design Critique

screen shot of basic html website called Lopera Shmopera
screen shot of basic html website called Lopera Shmopera

Always validate your html. My instructor ran the site when it was in the above state and it had 1 error due to coding em dashes. (I still haven’t figured out how to fix it without re-inputting my paragraphs of text.) In Web Design, don’t think you can get away with anything. Your instructor can look beyond the pretty formatting. My instructor used this.

Not only did I have an error in my coding, he spotted that the tagline for the site “Opera for the Post Modern World” was an h6 tag. He said that should be an h2 going along with good practices of Search Engine Optimization. Google will see how important that information is (it’s friggin’ h2, why! That’s almost h1!) and consider it a major bit of relevancy if that’s what the search calls for.

He went through my code and noticed all of the  ’s. That’s a clear indication that I didn’t have control over my text and felt I had to hit the space bar to get the space I wanted. Web design is about simplicity. It’s about telling the computer in language that most computers will understand what you want to see. We take it for granted that we can send information at rapid speeds, but we also must communicate clearly otherwise the speed is irrelevant.


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