My First Pattern

All of this Web Design Bootcamp stuff has made me extra aware of my online presence. I realized that my twitter profile looked only a notch above default. In other words, I didn’t take care of these details that could eventually get me a job. Also, after looking at patterns yesterday for my style tile endeavor, it felt weird. Even though they are free for me to use, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making my own pattern.

I roughly followed this tutorial. It encourages a very small tile to start with, that way your website is taking up less information storage. I used a painting of mine(1) as a starting point, I wanted to recreate the leaf pattern(2). I did not paint the leaves symmetrically, so I took a small sample of the pattern, copied it and rotated it 180 degrees to lay on top of itself (3). Because of the asymmetry of the colors, tiling the sample creates a loose horizontal zig-zag (4). This (5) is what it looks like as my Twitter profile background. Not what I was shooting for, but for a custom pattern done in ten minutes, not bad.


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