Internship project: Social Media Report

Today and next week I am going to be working on a “Social Media Report.” The small firm that I intern for currently does not have a social media strategy. This is what the the industry refers to as a FAIL. Just kidding. There’s still plenty of good reasons why an advertising agency isn’t in the big game of social media just yet. I can’t think of any reasons, but I am on the wrong side of this equation, until now.

word map of social media hierarchy social media digg reddit networking real friends power users business contacts platforms twitter facebook linked in main website blog
Map of Social Media

I ‘ve been appointed as the lead on this project. My coworker/supervisor Paul pitched it to me thusly: “Kat, go get us social media.” I keep repeating that to myself as the creative brief I have been awarded. I am to spend the next week (and today and yesterday) drafting up a report. I told Paul that I didn’t need that much time, but he said that when I finish with the outline, the super general outline, I can go ahead and grab some more details to flush it out. This word map is what I have so far. Along with some tips I have picked up through some blogs. I am planning on reading some actual books about this subject, but I fear that anything printed is already outdated.

I’m fairly excited about getting this project. There is a lot of graphic design and UX involved in social media. I’m also using Evernote (I highly recommend this to creatives) to create a small database of links and advice to my intern-predecessor so that they might add to my company’s knowledge of social media, blogs and the web.


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