Pushing the Logo

Today at the office was fairly productive. I am glad. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to find that spark that keeps creatives from twiddling their thumbs. I became more organized. A friend recommended Evernote, so I won’t have to index all the links I find in my blog reading.

I asked my boss about expectations and what to do when I’m ready for the next step and he said simply to bug him about it. I hope he doesn’t regret that response. Together we made great strides with the logo for the architect/builder duo. He sat at my desk and critiqued my logos and then he drew out a few more ideas. On the one hand, I think that he’s doing my job, but on the other hand, he’s just thinking visually about other solutions.

I realize that it’s impossible for creatives to be at the desk of another person and not want to start playing with ideas for that person’s project. So, I’m still at that, not refining but exploring. He said that maybe the pencil and the shovel is too literal. I like the simplicity of it, but I know there’s a balance between obvious and obscure that I must reach. That scale is a very subjective one, but if you can sell it to the client, and the client digs it, that’s what matters.

As for the other project I am currently working on, the stationery for the legal firm. It’s going smoothly. I had another critique meeting with my supervisor Matt. He pointed out some size and spatial relationships that needed a slight adjusting, but other than that, it looked good. The encouragement made my day.

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