Web Design Bootcamp: Day 1

(Above: a screen shot of my new and already gone primitive website. Kat says: I have a secret website under this one. does anyone care? Our teacher talked about how each website has html that no one sees that describes the page to blind people. He asked why do we care about blind people? It’s because Google is the Blind Man that will bring us our audience and employers. )

Day 1: Brain Restructuring Required. Please remove Excess information from this brain.

Erik Fadiman, my web design instructor unloaded some information about information architecture to web development and the bits in between. Between partying hard on the weekend and the cyber-awakening today, I don’t think I have the wherewithal to reconfigure to what he said today for my audiences at home. Whenever a student asks “How do I do this?” (or that, doesn’t matter) Erik replies, it’s all on the blog. I like that.

Today in Web Design BootCamp, I made a website by using DreamWeaver for the first time. We did some simple coding. It reminded me of days of yore, the nineties when there was a thing called Zoog Disney, marketing the internet and emoticon usage to the Millenials oh! and NeoPets. Erik explained some of the “save for web and devices” ways of the land. For a world of freedom, the internet still the “Wild West” that it is, there are plenty of rules and guidelines. The differences between .png, .gif., and .jpeg are very subtle and Erik, our leader, says that each image is a little different. Every img is like a snwflk.

In terms of the coding, it slowly caught on. The idea of bracketing things rings a small bell for me in my days of online roleplaying. Text-based worlds that are forums of imagination. I think for a time I was a little addicted back in middle school and occasionally I’d want a description or a thought in italics, the old <i>italics</i> trick I thought was so fancy and it gave me a little pleasure to do just now.

When I look into DreamWeaver, I manage to see a part of my past, a tiny little part. I feel more comfortable typing in the code mode versus the design mode of the application. I feel the connections in my brain forming and these character clusters like “&nbsp;” not being so scary after all.


(Below: that’s my face in save for web modes. I think I have a face for gifs.)


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