Web Design Process: Content First

Erik Fadiman pointed out where all of the students at Seattle Central Community College have accounts for websites. I thought this was weird for all of us to be guaranteed this small 20MB plot of land, but here I am. <– Check it as it blossoms into a “finished web page working on three different device resolutions with a simple audio player and jQuery slideshow.” That’s the assignment anyways. This simple html will be transformed with CSS, JavaScript and probably some voodoo to create an interactive and responsive design. My website is going to be (as per the assignment) a music “magazine” site.

The made-up magazine is up to me. So, This is L’Opera Shmopera, Opera for the Post Modern World. I haven’t come up with a better tagline than that. I’ve been trying to find a word that describes “remix-a-philes.” People that love remixes. Because opera is okay, but add some downbeats, and whoa!

The first step in any website design is to have content. Otherwise the jig is up! For practice sakes, I’ve borrowed these amputated articles for the bulk of the text.



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