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(Above: Presentation of screens. Flip through to see the task flow.)

Post Critique: The theme I could extract from today’s critique was “hierarchy.” Despite my best efforts, it isn’t enough to show people where to click by color alone. All the buttons on this home page are the same size and the art next to them is very busy and obscures the buttons’ importance. One of the biggest faults about designing on a computer is that the sense of scale is warped because small things can always be bigger using the zoom tools. So, I made some huge buttons, not keeping in mind what “actual size” is. So when I go and edit this screen, I have a task list. 1) scale back nav. Buttons. 2) scale back art banner.

Compliment break: I try to remember all the nice things that people say about my work as well. Tim complimented my use of type. It showed good hierarchy. He accused me of grabbing it from the site (Big complement. Designers for an art website have to work a bazillion times harder because their audience worships art and aesthetic.) When rebranding stuff, what I try to do is start from the beginning. Take all the type that you are working with and transfer them into a new word document, completely undistracted by neighboring images and type. Look at the information you want to present. It helps to have a font that can go Bold, Oblique, etc. to further convey hierarchy. Then color and grey is often helpful. Parse up the information, categorize. It’s exhausting to do it initially because what you’re really doing is building a genre system. Headings should be x, subheads y, dates, j, etc.

Back to the critique, next screen: The “plan your visit” suffers from ungrid-itus. This common disorder starts when you align ungrouped things. It can lead to serious design illness and it’s best to set your guides early and often. Also considering where you are letting things live. I designed around the “find your visit” button that lead to the onset of ungrid-itus. What I should have done was find a better place to nest that in. Also, the search results column could be more obvious, with headers that say what search factors went into this narrowed result. 3) make “plan art” and “find art” buttons at top left not look like buttons. 4) expand search column 5) label it better 6) add calendar feature button

Event Profile: How can I include more variety of content? I also did another faux pas here that comes with designing around a task flow. My end goal was a downloadable pdf, and here the button is huge and spans the bottom. Evidence of an app reading a user’s mind? Yup. Task list continued: 7) Invent telepathic widget.


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