Brainstorming a Logo

Last Friday, I had a meeting with the group of instructors (along with my team of Ted and Alex) to explain the progress of the Summer and Evening Marketing Materials Project. (More so, we need a catchier name for this assignment.) We presented the logo for the program and Chris made a face. He can’t really hide his disgust at the logo we are working on. It has floating icons and a text circle that doesn’t really go all the way around. It was interesting how suddenly, all three of the teachers started to brainstorm in front of us, sketching out how this concept of symbols in a circle could possibly be worked out in a graphically pleasing way. I liked that even Doris (who is known around the 5th floor as being somewhat copywriting focused) had made a doodle. We discussed how a pencil icon is continuing to have less relevance in the program and that the camera icon reflected only a small part of what classes were offered. In the brainstorm, we discussed the classes, the Adobe Creative Suite, interactive and web, and what was referred to as “old school” being Letterpress. The solution was partly inspired by Doris’ doodle. She had divided up the circle unevenly in such a way that two acute triangles met in the middle (we already discussed how we needed to play with cropping). I saw a pencil tip up top and a cursor pointer counterpoint to it. And sketched that out. Chris liked it. So, that’s good. He’s always very encouraging.

I love that feeling of being in a think-tank with visual thinkers. Everyone’s pens are scrawling half-baked ideas because it’s so necessary to try out things on paper before thinking it doesn’t work. Or the subtle cooperation. Showing half of the puzzle to your group thinking that in their brains, currently untapped, they have the other bit and just needed the extra nudge.

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