Pen and Pencil

I’m making a calendar for Jason’s InDesign Class and we’re allowed to do illustrations.

For Jason’s next assignment, I am working on building an identity system. The goal is, as with any branding system, to make sure these pieces look like they are married. I pitched my concept to Jason last tuesday and he seemed to get it right away.

Pen and Pencil seems like a government agency to me. So, I wanted to take cues from currency to make the brand feel official and authoritative. I made some vector art (spirographs) in illustrator to convey that complicated pattern that is found on money. For the calendar piece, I wanted to keep a consistency and frankly, I don’t know how to engrave. I had this idea on the bus that I would make sheets of this spirograph pattern with different densities, then using Photoshop I would create layers of them and make an illustration of a bust. I used the artistic filter cutout (four levels) to get the value blocked out and then used the magic wand tool to select certain sections and make the layers clipped to the contour section that matched the value. My first two attempts, I used photographs with lower contrast, so the portraits came out muddy and unrecognizable, but this one of Dali worked really well. I don’t feel like I can use this one. The copyright has not expired yet. I’ll go into art/english history and see what I can find.

I was really excited about this method of illustration. I turned to my classmates and smiled, practically yelling “I’ve just done something I haven’t done before.” I’m excited.


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