Web Design for the Daily Astorian

(Above: My designs, first attempt and Final)

Tim’s Tips for Web Pages (At least what I could glean from all the friendly teacher-y snarky.)Create a header-create icons-you have levels to help you with your hierarchy- Mockup, don’t put ads in- also consider ways to overshadow ads, like color- typography- tutorial… ew.- make it your own- grouping- continuity- drop shadow, also ew. – Color scheme! – Define rules for yourself- get as much content on the home page as you can so people don’t have to go digging for it someplace else- colors indicate links- keep in mind size translation during creation. Fonts look big when you’re zoomed in, but remember screen size is what you’re looking at in the end- widows happens in web design, don’t worry, there’s nothing you can do about it. – Centered type disrupts the flow off the grid- integrate color- subtle rules help define space- indicate navigation

For some reason or another, I thought this design a web page thing would be easy. Bevel some boxes and label them and you’re half way there. I was very wrong. I was trying to squeeze more minutes out of the morning to finish these main screens, but perhaps that franticity was the thing that made me miss details. I had trouble because the text box was set to All Caps and I didn’t even think that could happen without my knowledge. I had trouble because I didn’t start with a grid. I tried my best to integrate my horsey looking wireframe, but as Jason says, crapola in, crapola out. When I sat there, with a thumb drive full of bevels and inner glows and drop shadows (with a sprinkle of a calendar and news headlines) I realized I couldn’t present this monster I thought could pass for design. I went back and started over using all the tips from Tim’s remarks on the other students’ work. Its more fun and a lot easier when you have guides and “snap to guides” to make something look professional and design-y.

(Earlier Post Relating to This Project)


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