What You Experience is Material

A lady came into my dry-cleaning shop today (my part-time job currently is at a drycleaners) and she just graduated from business school with a minor in information technology. I was motivated to talk to her because I am still working on the copy for this video I’m making about IT. Is there a thing called coincidence? I think that’s how the world works. We are looking for answers and they present themselves.
Lately, I’ve looked at my experiences as raw material for art product later and I wonder how genuine that is. Do other people have underlying motives for socializing? Is there a pure joy in other people that I’m not aware of? I wish other people could get integral pieces of what they are building from me. Perhaps that is the joy of my choices that I have found an occupation where my world is so integrated, I live with interspersed production. I don’t leave work at school or at a job (I am looking for one actually) but it becomes part of my menu, when I can pause and think, “what do I want to think about?” my projects pop-up as something that can always use some contemplation. I have done that many times with this IT project. And it was using everyone around me as walls to bounce off of that allowed it to flourish the way it has. My housemate looked over the second rough draft (that no one else will see because it has already become the first half-polished draft) and said that I used too many buzzwords like information highway and imagination. I am constantly reaffirming the main strategy that I know I need to implement in my projects and that is authenticity. It has to feel real, natural, something smooth. So much of advertising is selling something that its recipients can no longer tolerate anything that has too much of a punch. If it has a punch, it has to be loud and provocative and extreme like camp.
As filmmaker Akira Kurasawa said, “To be an artist means to never avert ones eyes.”

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