Systems, the Vid

I am exhausted. This week has been full of due assignments. I don’t remember what all was said in the critique. One girl said that the text was one the screen longer than the time she needed to read it and it irritated her. I have irritated someone with my video. It’s true that she and others said that it was good, but I kind of shut down the moment she said the word “irritated.” I wish I remembered what else was said. I think something about how it was distracting when the overlays worked against instead of for the vid’s message. I love the movie. I think the parts that are discordant are part of its jammy charm. I like that it pours out like a bad headache. That’s what technology is to me, a blur, a mess, a series of layers that somehow connect to create most of what I love about culture, information and connectivity. The good and the bad and certainly the ugly. I didn’t get as much satisfaction from presenting this as I did the other film. Was it that no one laughed? I think that was a part of it. Making serious things, people enjoyed the metaphors. I heard some people say that they were strong. Good, I thought. That weariness of producing something this time overshadows my pride.

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