Rules vs. No Rules

purple menu for la place
(sorry about the pixelation.) Screen grab from InDesign

Today I presented this in class. After reading the first chapter of “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” I realize that I shouldn’t have approached this menu design in the way that I did. This is my first group of things that I have designed in InDesign. One of the first quotes I came across in the book (I’m a quote-fiend and take anything in quotation marks to be something of sublime wisdom) and it said I should follow the rules first. So, although Jason chastised those of us who used two column layouts and center-stacked the type for the drink menu, he made the comment, “random.” On my work. I think a part of it was that I didn’t explain the angles and seemingly random boxes I adopted as my foster grid (instead of lining things up to the columns that align to the page, I used this). The grid is loosely based off of a Picasso painting. Though, people thought French when they heard “La Place” I was thinking Spanish. Spanish painter’s need a modern classy hangout where they can eat gravy fries.

For my next layout project, I’m going to use restraint. I’m going to play by the rules and produce something that looks organized and elegant. That’s been something I half-envied in others’ work. I say half because I really stand by my approach and the phrase “student work” means a chance to play.


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