Systems, the Idea

For more information about this project, check out last week’s post.

Marc (during Friday’s critique) asked my team how we ended up with this idea of cities and IT for this New Media video. I said “visual analogies” because it’s what gave Chris an eyebrow raise and he said that’s interesting during our concept critique.

During the initial brainstorm, the word association with all the components of our project, words: information, techonology, SCCC, school, we made lists. For information, sometime after the mention of the word “knowledge” I forget who said “blossoming flower” and I loved that. It resonated with me. Later when discussing how to integrate that, I looked out the window of room  5142 and there were all of these cranes.

In subsequent storyboards, we discussed the use of overlays, and we had a scene with wires overlaid by a highway scene (this did not end up in the film, through some disorganization, but no regrets). Jill and Tim responded to that storyboard among the 35 or so we presented to them. @e went back and restructured them after Jill initially poo-pooed the concept of comparing old and new technology with pop-up interface components. Tim and Jill said that we should unify the metaphors. We had frames with comparing technology to paper airplanes, flower arrangement and bicycles and libraries. She liked the car scene and they mentioned cities, urban connection.

But, how to tie that together… We went through a concept I called “Hello from the future” where a future-person congratulates SCCC on making the foundation for the cybercity they enjoy in that present day. My teammates said that was too complicated. So, I thought, how about a poem, (I was thinking like T.S. Eliot’s style. Lyrical and heavy.)

The idea solidified when I went over the footage and snipped everything together, and made multiply overlays over the whole thing. That’s my fascination with video. Making a collage out of clips. It’s not a style that will work with every project. The beauty of creativity is that when you get specialists together, they bring their unique spin to the table and when it works, it feels fresh and special. I’m convinced there is a perfect font for everything and a musical piece that is just right. As a graphic designer, I am in the camp of assembly. I am convinced that these pieces are out there and waiting for me to put them together to create the visual puzzle that is just the right amount of incomplete to make people imagine what’s missing.

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