IT video Rough Cut

Project overview: produce video about 90 seconds long, in teams of three, PSA for an assigned Seattle Central Community College department, the video to be screened at a fundraiser, projected on a wall,  other music will be playing. (read: convey story without audio!) , 1 day to concept, 1 week to storyboard,  1 week to shoot a rough cut, 1 week to polish (three week time frame) We are at rough cut stage

The team (Tim E., Erika– thanks for the brilliant footage!) gathered our video last night and I took it home to be the editor. (It is a lot faster when there’s only one person at the helm.) I sifted through all of the clips finding the little gem that makes a person go “oh!” the reason why the clip was taken in the first place, but sometimes just a lovely moment of honesty or a quick twitch that was interesting and unexpected. Then I strung all of those together and put the longer and more thematic clips on top, set to multiply, and almost there.

To continue with the metaphor of systems administration being a city, I wanted to include lyrical sentences that would flash on the screen throughout the video, but I wanted to get this rough cut done, so I just made a long crawl of text. (Note: rough in my mind, means rough. At a certain hour in the night, credits, titles, and text in general are slapped together to form a concept and not necessarily a grammar-correct story.)

Post Critique:

Today it was just Marc. It was kind of a shame because I wanted to show Tim and Jill the progress (not much of what we had lined up with the storyboards we showed them, but the concept was planted in our minds during our critique with them.)

Marc said that he liked it. He was impressed with the number of shots that we got and the music (when done right, it makes a POW!) he liked the music. I will have to email The Crystal Method to ask for permission to use their song (and put them in the credits).

Improvements to make: get the crawl to interact, layer and vary. Let the crawl reflect the theme of connections and information flow. Let them read the thought in a whole chunk. The first two sentences are strong; stay with that structure. Perhaps recaps at the end of some summarily approach. I’m going to tweak some of the overlay effects. Next Friday is going to be fun to watch all of these.

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