The Evolution of a Sauce Label

Post Critique:

Tom said that my label had too many saturated colors and the font left something to be desired. Set the scene, he said. Tell a story. So, after some edits and the use of a varying size san serif font, I will submit a different version.

Update: 4-23

New Version. Simplified and colored differently.

Update: 5-4-12


Notes: eliminate photo of flames, reduce stroke, and bump up presence of the brand, contrast

Today, Tom invited his friend and packaging veteran Frank to help with the critiques. Frank said “You gotta solve with what ya’ got.” Even though the assignment involves a made up brand that you can alter at whim, as designers, we shouldn’t. The skill comes in the problem solving. If the bottle doesn’t seem to have enough room for more, perhaps it’s not that bottle that needs to change size. Likewise with the brandname.

To said complimented a label in saying that the treatment “gives it a feeling like it’s from some place.” All of these touches, playing with the edge of the label, the font looking like it has a light source, those dynamic touches that make your product shout “please take me home, I’m so cool!” or quirky or with some delicious attitude.

Tom gave a little schpeal about how retail characters are more difficult than meets the eye. You can’t just draw a figure and that’s it. Character is the game. The exaggerations, the specific motivations, the emotion. I want to make something that is engaging and compelling. I want to make characters that people love.


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