Daily Astorian User-Centered Considerations

Daily Astorian User Centered Considerations

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Above is my presentation regarding the users of The Daily Astorian’s Online Interface.

There are many aspects to consider when designing an interface and Tim will continue to emphasize research. Ask the people. He says that these people will tell you something very surprising. We are researching for a small town’s online newspaper, and he said that his parents are from and live in a small town. When he visits them, their police scanner goes off; they turn off the telly and get their breaking news that way. Fascinating. There might be no current equivalent for the web right now.

Everyone presented their research today which made for a fairly boring class time, but it was insightful to hear how many students went lengths, contacted people, got the scoop, or tried to. In every good designer, there’s a journalist getting the story and finding an angle. If you find information that no other designer is finding, you are ahead of your competitors, considering factors that they didn’t have insight.

This class is teaching me that there’s always a way to go deeper and go farther and submerge into the thing you are trying to innovate. Tim always seems to have a question for you. Did you ask people? Did you find the numbers on mobile usage in small cities? What kinds of questions would get a more accurate response?

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