Complex or Grid?

In class we learned about grids. About how nothing is as complicated as it seems. It’s just a lot of structured order and then some overlapping parts to make it look cool. She said as we looked over magazine layouts, gazing over huge bold headlines something that her teacher once told her. The sweet acknowledgement of passed down wisdom. What she said was this: If you can’t think of what to do, make it bigger. If that’s still not doing it, make it bolder. If you are not quite there yet, make it red. If you’re not going anywhere still, add gold. It’s a joke, sort of, but a trick of the trade that holds truth. So, if you are stuck, make it dynamic using scale and negative space and color and texture.

During an in class assignment, (we were measuring the fonts of headlines and body copy that we found in magazines) I had commented that ol’ school-goers slogan, “When am I going to need this?” But alas, after another student corrected my work (thanks Ashley!) I found out I had no idea what I was doing. She and all her Pub Arts wisdom (some of the students took a year of publishing arts before coming to this program, and I call their confidence, having been familiarized with some of the aspects we are now facing, I call their confidence, the Pub Arts Swagger) she showed me how to use all the parts of the special ruler that separates the men from the boys so to speak.

It was quite a first day to dive into what is the road map to a lot of my future work– which I imagine is page-layout.

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