CMYK Dive Opera Poster

This assignment is about conveying “opera” using color and copy. Vertical tabloid size with bleed, a fictional show at a local (real) Tavern or Nightclub like Neumo’s, one night only. Poster must include website (i.e. ticket master or venue’s website). DO NOT include ticket prices. Audience, think telephone pole by-passers. Must have harmonious colors.

Copy: Frederica von Stade The Twilight Exit 2514 East Cherry St April 15th, 2012,

This is what I have so far. I’ll probably end up painting the whole thing, because I would enjoy that, but sketching in the computer before going to real life is a good way to look productive in the classroom… maybe? Here, I used the symbol spray in Adobe Illustrator to make random patterns. I like it.

Update 2-20:

I’ve worked on this poster. Adding a picture of the singer and adding “pencil sketch” artistic effect to all and then using the “coca-cola” font. I like to think this brings it all together.

Update 2-25: Working on this in photoshop using color adjustment skills I learned last tuesday. “Skills.”

I hope that Tom will like my “secondaries” color palette. I think it’s harmonious, but I’m just a first-year. I haven’t learned if I should trust my judgment at this point.

Update 3-4:
Post-critique, Tom didn’t like my treatment of the building. He said it was too shape-y to be architectural. Or something like that. He pointed to Frederica’s face and said that the illustration, the texture, should be the focal point. I considered the fact that I couldn’t really get away with taking the photo into PowerPoint (adding the pencil effect which is ten times better than the one in Illustrator) and then making it into a PDF and printing that (it gets very pixel-y for reasons I’ll probably learn next year). I decided to make an illustration and hope the handmade quality will overshadow its imperfect proportions.

Update 3-5: To the wire (it’s due today), here’s my final iteration of this poster. Post-critique edits made it something I could love.


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