Approaching a project with different techniques is a surefire way to challenge yourself and get ideas. Here’s a kiwi rendered, color-blocked and drawn (with emphasis on interesting line quality– I could have done this better, but I like the nib perhaps too much at this point).

Assignment for this week: ”

Render & Stylize. Work with an Animal and make it into a symbol/icon. Use tracing paper, look at positive/negative space, distort, exaggerate, simplify, stylize, create a feeling of dimensionality to distill the essence of the subject chosen. Simplify your work, giving it grace and/or movement, You will acquire an Animal and an Industry through random Selection. You will need to create a stylized animal icon which is appropriate for your industry. While your final solution needs to be black, consider different media in your process; Xerox machine, marker on newsprint, charcoal, texture, scribbling. You will go through different iterations of tracing/exagerating/reducing as you continue to refine and stylize your animal. While your intermediate steps can be rough, your final comp needs to be crystal clear, black and white. You will need to show your initial sketch as well as the final iteration, on 2, 8.5” X 11” sheets of paper. Finished work due in next class.”

I have to figure out something “Zebra” and “Automotive.”

Here’s what I got so far.

Update: 10-27 Here’s a couple more. I really can’t get away from these striking stripes.

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