First Critique

This is my “dynamic” piece. I had my first critique for the class. The way the teacher anonymized the works was good. It felt more like they said “that design sucks,” instead of “your design sucks.” They didn’t actually say that. My classmates and I had shiny pebbles, a small handful each, that we would use to vote on stuff that was good and stuff that was bad based on some ideas about dynamic and stable designs and put up on the whiteboard. The teacher agreeed with one of the kids and said that there was only three different sizes in this design and it would be more dynamic if it was more  drama in the scale-play, or something like that.

This is my “stable” piece. I thought using lines and orienting the shapes outward would be enough to consider the work balanced and somewhat predictable, but I think here again, I goofed up on the scale. I feel like I underworked the thought process about what these words mean and how I could visually express that. Lucky for me, the next assignment is to tweak these works and make posters. Today, there was a presentation about Gestalt (which I think is really interesting). Gestalt is the ellipses of the eyes; it’s about continuing something without having to put it there. Illusions like the necker cube and the vase/human profiles add a certain pizzaz to designs. Can I use that idea to make my (as one classmate referred to them) clams really wow the judges?

This is me walking along Broadway on my way to the library. I love the tiling on the local RiteAid building.


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