Game Design Process: Moodboards

Small version of moodboard1 for Pirate Game
Small version of moodboard1 for Pirate Game

Today, I made these moodboards for the Pirate Game (better name TBD). The game developers and I have had a few meetings together already. We mentioned some games with a look and feel that we want to be inspired by (like the card game, Guillotine).

After making these initial moodboards, but before presenting them to the developers, I gave them the prompt: “My teachers recommend: For the look and feel, come up with 5 adjectives.”

I received the list from one of them with these adjectives: Zany, Fairytale-esque, Over-the-top, humorous, clear.

I think I did a fairly good job addressing that. Two different versions. (didn’t want to overwhelm them. I like the first one– heavily inspired by Ralph Steadman– but we talked about guillotine’s direction too, so I made the second one.) More can be made easily. I don’t think that the first version addresses “fairy-tale-esque” but maybe we can add the illuminated manuscript elements from the second moodboard to to the first.

I asked him “What does ‘clear’ mean to you?”


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