First painting of the year! My father sent me a slew of pictures of his surroundings. Photographs of Dollywood in winter and the antique couches at my grandmother’s house. One of these paintings is the photo of a farm. Used as reference for this picture. I had seen Fantastic Mr. Fox that day (it was Christmas, I now remember) and the farm scene spoke to me, reminding me of Mrs. Foxes paintings of lightning storms striking toward similar pastoral landscape. Today, I added the horse. I was thinking about what I like about art, about Craola and spirit animalsĀ  that make me feel serene and looked after, and inspired.

painting of a horse on a farm

During this process, I had a hard time exacting the eye, and then the muzzle, and created these odd lines instead of bean shapes and decided to run with that texture for the rest of the figure.


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