Dance Therapy/Playback

This was at the Periwinkle Palace, for their monthly Performance Primer. The Periwinkle Palace is the only exclusively performance art and dance DIY venue in Oakland.

This was the first time I did Dance Therapy/Playback with the overhead projector. Looking at it now, it seems a little distracting, but I like it anyways.

Before the piece began, I went around to everyone in the room and asked them to write down the best part of their week and the worst part of their week. Since it was a Saturday, no one said anything about nothing happening yet. The receipt roll paper was an excellent choice, giving the participant an opportunity to write as much as they wanted. I didn’t get any that were surprisingly long.

For more on The process of developing this piece:

Dance Therapy Notes and Performance | Katablog

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Sound Safari D

I enjoyed the Sound Safaris so much that I decided I want to keep going. Whenever I find a sound that is intriguing, I send a message to my collaborator. Later, I assemble the sounds and blindly layer them.

Sound Safari (2017)
is a sound collage format
using found and personally recorded sounds

Birdsong with memory of a broken engine (0237)
Cat talk (0238)
Deaf cat is so excited every day when she realises her human is home (0239)
Husky puppy sounds like Chewbacca (0241)
A washing machine on a trampoline (0242)
Man slapping lap (0244)
Whalesong (0248)
Samoan Firefighters worship the lord while marching (0251)
Cat squeaks (0252)
Very talkative kitty! (0253)
All Planet Sounds (and Pluto) from Space (0254)
The sound of two black holes colliding (0255)

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Sound Safari A, B and, C

I played these videos with a verbal introduction of the samples at 3x, which is a performance series put on by New Life, curated by Jacob Kahn.

In each of these tracks, each sample is played once in the five minutes with the corresponding assigned numeral on the display.

cat snoring, tabby, fat, eyes half open (0181)
puppy yapping (0182)
pug with a bone in its mouth (0183)
toy poodle mawing? (0184)
terrier mawing (0185)
pitbull bark talking (0186)
compilation of this video “these dogs make the weirdest sounds (0187)
this baby has the best laugh ever (0188)
the sound of someone missing you terribly (it’s a cat) (0189)
howl of baby beagle (0191)
an angry bunny growling for attention after being pet (0192)
two lynx on a road in Maine (0193)

dog sneezing and guy laughing (0194)
bird uses tools to tap out rhythm (0195)
toddler laughing while ostrich eats food out of a cup (0196)
what baby rhinos sound like when they want more food (0197)
crickets chirping slowed down and pitched up (0199)
baby sloths (0200)
radio emissions (0201)
jupiter’s electromagnetic voices (0203)
April 9 1860 the first recorded sound: someone singing the words Au Clair de Lune, Pierrot repondit (0204)
little red foxes barking (0205)
cat noises– purrs and nya nyas (0208)
ring modulator/warmer (0210)
my dad and his wife sleeping in a hospital (0210)

the deepest meow in the world (0211)
kulning– ancient swedish herding call (0212)
dachshund reunited with a favorite piggy toy he hasn’t seen in 5 years (0214)
this dog has the most ferocious bark (0215)
puppy sings itself to sleep (0216)
otters playing free jazz on a casio keyboard (0220)
lynx purr (0221)
when a baby carcacal is hungry it screams for food (0222)
a playful arctic fox laughs when its human laughs (0223)
disco the parakeet, a very verbal budgie (0224)
knock at the center of the universe (tulsa) (0225)
britain’s new plastic polymer currency unexpectedly works as a needle for vinyl records (0226)
dawn chorus on reefs, fish (0227)
Sea Organ in Croatia (0229)
night sounds in boulder creek mountains (0231)

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Dance Playback


One of the most successful Dance Playbacks, performed at WIP Open Mic (sep 24), hosted by Fenner at the Flight Deck. Dance Playback is a piece where I ask the audience what was the best part about your week and the worst. This time I asked them to write it down and put it in a box. During the piece I pulled out pieces of paper and read what they wrote and then danced (think more like charades). It was interesting seeing how they interpreted the instructions. Some peeps wrote down best and worst on the same piece of paper. Not wrong. Some peeps wrote that their best/worst was the same thing, for example, a job interview. Very curious.

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a photo from a play called A Public Toilet on Gogol Blvd, Part 1: A Gay Fantasia, from Playhaus, presented by art collective Klanghaus.

My housemate and talented artist, Em Lee Reaves put on a site-specific play in Z SPACE‘s bathroom. I’m the one on the left in the balaclava. I had a great time working with local queer actors on this piece. I hadn’t been in a public play in a while. I usually do improv, so it was interesting having a script to mangle. I did pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect. I may have swallowed some last syllables of words, my first time reciting lines with something over my face. Thank goodness for the cue cards that were later written into the play. I thought I could handle memorizing big paragraphs about queer oppression in Russia, but it’s harder than it looks to get the sentences out in the right order.


screenshot of the program pdf (hey bonus, I also graphic designed the program!)

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Kat’s Zine Club Party No. 1


(clockwise from top left corner) artdestructionart, cassidy plays a song, dance playback, me talking about the show, plant meditation (live music), and how to draw a cosmic bunny


I haven’t read from my zines before. After starting the zine club, it was suggested by a friend to do a reading. My zines have more than just writing: drawings, performance art descriptions, a zine was dedicated to my Plant Meditation workshop, etc. so I decided to throw a party at my favorite bookstore, E.M. WOLFMAN.

We adhered pretty closely to the schedule and I live-streamed/posted-the-video-after the event on facebook. It was an intimate show with only three people in the audience, two of which are my sweeties that had lunch with me beforehand and helped me set up and take down the event.

This was a fun event and I will probably do another one in 3-4 months.

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Psychobotany at SF Fringe


above: programs, containing artist bios, Note: 3 of the 4 shows, the dancers were Hannah, Annikah, and Andrew. The Sunday showing featured Anne instead of Annikah.

below: videography credit to Em Reaves, The closing night of psychobotany

Below: Videography Credit to Bill Russell, the third night of psychobotany (fun fact, I assembled the overhead projector incorrectly and the lamp didn’t illluminate — I read the manual later and it worked for the closing show, see above– so the layer of shadows is not presented in this showing of psychobotany– still lovely)

Psychobotany, what a trip! It was a logistical challenge to communicate with the dancers and the musicians, and the venue. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. There was a challenge of loading in and out in a crowded theatre, in a hard-to-find-parking neighborhood, but we did it!

About SF Fringe: San Francisco Fringe Festival | produced by EXIT Theatre

I entered a lottery to get a show 60 minutes long into a small black box theatre in early spring this year with an inkling of taking ASMR with Katarina (a show I’ve been evolving) and it took on its own life. I was inspired to do a workshop with live music, Making Your Plants Meditate. I then started thinking about the SF Fringe show being about plant conciousness and inspired by a book, The Secret Life of Plants. Working with local composer, David Samas, I learned a lot about collaboration, planning, communication, and adapting based on feedback.

I must confess, I spent a lot of money paying the musicians and I wish I spent more money paying the dancers and I have a ton of lessons to learn about marketing art. Fringe is interesting because it’s self-production, which means you pay a rental/staff fee and you are responsible for marketing, though they had set up the ticketing and box office and assigned me a technician to work the stage lights and sound cues. You can get only so much exposure from being in the festival. I am planning on doing it again next year. It’s a challenge to get people in the door, but I think with the knowledge I have from doing it this year, I can execute better.

All the thank yous are in the program, so I will acknowledge everyone generally here, but I am incredibly grateful for the miracle that is art performed for an audience and it came together when it mattered. Love psychobotany forever.

I don’t know when the next one will be, but I have been thinking somewhere outside in a garden at night. When I can afford it, maybe I’ll get a grant or something. It’s a worthy thing to behold.


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