photo by Teddy Hulsker

Katarina Countiss, multimedia artist and Klanghaus team member, will present ‘bathory’ a live painting experience featuring a bucket of liquid latex, a body, a white wall and clip lights (the essential ingredients to any act of human mastery)! Think action painting with abstract/poetic dance/movement elements.”

(Above) The write-up for the piece. I got a tub and some tempera paint as well as liquid latex paint. This was two hours of me being out near but not that near a firepit in the backyard of a DIY venue called Granny’s. The event was Bloodhaus, a blood-themed Klanghaus. There were other pieces in the house and live noise music generated in the backyard.

It felt like doing a live ASMR video. I really enjoyed the solitude of performing in this space in this way. And, it was cool to hear the noise music– it felt like a natural collaboration. I used an overhead projector for the main part of the lighting scheme. I am glad I own that thing.

The presenter of the show procured the boards and tarp for me. I got the white fabric. Half of the piece was me painting the boards and myself with the paint. The other half was me peeling off the paint from my mostly naked body.

I got really good feedback from this piece and I would love to do something like it in the future. I hadn’t played with liquid latex paint before. I’m still not sure how much I know about it because I mixed it with tempera paint. My skin did not have an adverse reaction, so that’s good. I used moisturizer before and afterward. I spent a lot of time cleaning myself after this. I imagine that a think and smooth, pure, one-time application of the liquid latex paint would be easier to get off than what I did.

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Kat’s Zine Club Party No.2


So I have a zine club. And I like to throw the occasional reading party at my favorite bookstore, EM Wolfman. I livestreamed the event on Facebook. I brought my overhead projector and some doilies and gels. Jaron Smith, Romy Marlboro and Andrew Gabriel Rose read poems and Cassidy Barnes played a couple of songs.

I read a poem, did a dance therapy/playback with the live audience’s input, did a tutorial on how to draw a flower, and explained how my petal stoner tarot relates to an attachment theory. There was some exuberant heckling by the one audience member who wasn’t a performer, so in a way everyone who was there was an active participant. Pretty cool.

At the end of the party, there was a zine giveaway and chocolate! Yum and Yum.

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I’ve been wanting to get into making wall hangings. I find them adorable in their art-objectyness. I have been using buttons, embroidery thread, and beads from the depot. I am interested in making more and I’ve been studying wall hangings I like and trying to get a feel for this very different way of composing.

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Petal Stoner Tarot

Below I’ve got some thumbnails (no larger images) of the petal etc. work that I’ve been up to. I was inspired by my sweetie’s folky button up shirt and looked up some folk flower designs used in fabric patterns. I got inspired by a particular graphic style of flower where the elements never touch and create a line likeness in negative space.

I liked how the centers of the flowers looked like stones. I have been interested in tarot and I felt this motif was well on its way to create the imagery for the cards. I added currents and rainbows to the petals and stones to have the four suits.

The tarot deck is mostly done. I just need to produce it on card stock. The prototype has been a pleasure to use. I find it surprisingly helpful and lovely.



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Below I’ve got some thumbnails (no larger images) of the leaf/petal work that I’ve been up to. I have been taken with delight by this small chisel brush made by crayola. It’s sturdy, precise and a lovely size. I’ve also been tickled by a new discovery: concentrated watercolor! Dr Ph Martin makes a lovely color set (I buy them individually). I also really enjoy using the empty pill pack for dayquill as a palette. It’s a great size and weight to travel with.


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Below I’ve got some thumbnails (no larger images) of the dot work that I’ve been up to. I made a calendar as well. It’s been fun seeing what I like to do and trying out new pens and papers. I’ve been getting some good feedback about these. It’s nice when people like what you do.


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Shrinky Dink 1


I went to my favorite art lounge where to my surprise, they had shrinky dink material and a dedicated oven! More to come. It’s fun seeing the details get smaller and the color become a bit more vibrant.

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