katarina-countiss-portraitWHAT IS KATABLOG?

When I started this blog in 2009, it was for a class I was taking at University of Washington called Basics of New Media, essentially Blogging 101.

Initially, I had to blog as part of the class assignments. The initial entries are analyses on communication and the internet. That was a class I took at my last quarter at the University of Washington. After graduating, I found myself wanting to document what I was doing with my life. I hadn’t found a job in the Communications field (I blamed it on the “death” of journalism, but perhaps I just wasn’t ready). So, I blogged about my artistic endeavors that flourished with my new found spare time. Ever since I have been blogging about the things that I have made and the things I have been learning about creativity, thought and design.

I attended Seattle Central Community College for graphic design.

I’m a multimedia designer. If you like what you see here, that’s what I am and what I do. Hire me! You can email me at katarinacountiss(at)gmail.com. Check out my portfolio site at K: Multimedia.

Now, I am in a middle of a crisis battling a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 not that labels help my mood about the whole ordeal.

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