Some questions that I asked my friends

  1. How do I know that I exist?
  2. If a computer had the right programs, would it have a mind; in other words, is true artificial intelligence possible?
  3. Does the sensation of color reveal intrinsic features about color?
  4. How do I know that I exist?
  5. Does the sensation of color reveal intrinsic features about color?
  6. Am I certain that I am not dreaming?
  7. Am I directly conscious of features of sensations or experiences?
  8. Does every belief need to be justified by other beliefs and will that lead to an infinite regress?
  9. Isn’t there a common sense response to skepticism?
  10. How does the traditional account of knowledge being a true justified belief fail?
  11. Is something true solely because people agree that it is true?

Send me your postal address if you enjoy these kinds of questions. I have some hard questions to answer these days.

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My Second Day- Musicophilia

No picture needed (look at for the image feed).

Today is the first day of real life Chess. I don’t know the rules, but I already think I’m winning.

I don’t know my diagnosis, but I think it’s Trans-mania. I’m tripolar and I’m about to embark on my first album. I would like to read Musicphilia by Oliver Sacks first to get the game rolling.

I hope that it’s useful to me in the way I think it will be. I would like to translate it into a visual medium.

We will see how far I get with this project. Is this my 30-day challenge? or am I going to DaVinci it? Stay Tuned and find out more, later. I will try my best.

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My Day in Redwood City– loop 1

As a “manic” person, I am terrible with money. Today, my ally and I went shopping to get “essentials” for the new home.

We went to Back Yard Coffee, Bed Bath and Beyond, Tacos de Gamelos, Costco, Target, and El Marcadito Latino. I called several people, including a man who returned my call. I am going to see a psychiatrist about cleaning up my “permanent record.” I will report back. Hopefully, I was just mistreated and misdiagnosed and he’ll recognize that I am healthy for my age and I should just drink more water. I am very pleased with our day.

Follow me on instagram for the latest and greatest. I’m learning how my ally functions as well. We are both sleep deprived humans.

I organized some boxes and cleaned out the living room and ordered some nice nomadic furniture so when we move, it won’t be such a pain.

I have to admit, I enjoy wearing the same clothes and eating the same food if it means I don’t have to think as much as I do. Peace of mind is on its way.


You Only Live Once with a budget of $270.

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There and Back Again

My mania was focused by playing cards by Brit Zerbo. Abstract lovely things that mean nothing. Things without meaning. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the middle of a manic attack and have no where to turn without the voices following them. Those voices used to be “you” but at some point with all the self-talk, you agreed that they were “other.”

This is why I created my pantheon. If they were going to be there at all, they would be my friends and not strangers.

I will post more on this but I am seeing a person tomorrow who will help me “kick” my diagnosis.

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Exercise: Five Random Quotes from Books

It’s as easy as it sounds… go to your bookshelf and pick five books (easy, don’t over think it).

List them.

List five quotes. Whatever your eye goes towards.


(below by anonymous submitter J1)

Book 1. Wuthering Heights by Emily bronte
Book 2 Nightwood by Djuna Barnes.
Book 3 TheSeven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton
Book 4 The Fall by Albert Camus
Book 5. The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

I,weak wretch, after maintaining till dusk a struggle with low spirits and solitude, was finally compelled to strike my colours

He began waving his hands saying, “Oh please, please!” and suddenly had the notion that he was doing something that wasn’t laughing at all but something much worse, though he kept saying to himself “I am laughing, really laughing, nothing else whatsoever!”

That afternoon we took the peculiar, antiquated train out of Mautauban into the country, we felt something like the 3 Maji after leaving Herod and Jerusalem when they caught sight once again of their star.

I was not on the floor of the courtroom, but somewhere in the flies like those gods that are brought down by machinery from time to time to transfigure the action and give it its meaning. After all, living aloft is still the only way of being seen and hailed by the largest number.

I woke with the sadness of her last cautious advice still resting on my mind, and within three minutes of waking her voice on the telephone dispelled it.


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Exercise: Five Random Quotes from Books

It’s as easy as it sounds… go to your bookshelf and pick five books (easy, don’t over think it).

List them.

List five quotes. Whatever your eye goes towards.


List 1:

Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell
Elements of Style (illustrated) by Strunk, White, Kalman
What Customers Want by Anthony W. Ulwick
The Amazing STory of Quantum Mechanics by James Kakalios
America: A Citeixen’s Guide to Demacracy InacTion by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

List 2

“So he made (and checked twice) a Hug To-Do List.”
“Enclose parenthetic expressions between commas.”
“How Has the Practice of Segmentation Evolved?”
“Nothing doing- you can watch this chain reaction from out front where the people are!” (A quote in a quote– dagwood comic strip in the book)
“Post-Presidency: Golf!”



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The Difference Between Gods and Personas

Today I awoke at 7am with a revelation in my mind instead of dream remnants:

Gods are inspiration.

Personas are presentation.

Secret Personas are secret.

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