Get Well Soon Card with Yoks

I was visiting with my sick friend, Dan. (He’s the creator of an upcoming comic, Welcome, inspired by Mr. Yoks, comic I worked on, which was inspired by his baby horse, Yoks.) And I made for him (on the spot, I had my materials with me) a Get Well Soon Card with Yoks!


I used a Strathmore Greener Options Blank Cards using Pigma® Micron® 05 Black pen and a new purchase: Chartpak Ad Markers cool gray 2. If you thought Sharpies were strong, you have no idea what you’re in for when you purchase one of these. It reads on the label:  “WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.”

Portfolio Update: Games are the Goal, Part 2

In my second session of coding, I smoothed out the mobile layout. I was wondering where the nav bar would go (it’s placed with absolute positioning, so earlier in the iteration process, it was blocking some text in the mobile div. So, I created a secret class that only shows up on mobile and I put a little bio in it.

view of website on my iPhone

view of website on my iPhone

Because the lack of screen space and the way websites are broken up to fit mobile, the website needs to sum itself up early on in the mobile version.

I also put in the gif I mentioned in the last post. It is a hover activated image and looks like this (see below) when hovered upon. I think it’s fun.




I worked on my resume page and found that I wanted to expand on the composition of the home page. (Think similar but different.) I played around with a few different backgrounds…





This is how the resume page looks.

I liked this composition the best. My education, skills and work experience feel like they’ve been building on each other and I wanted to reflect that visually.


Next tasks: I want to make the project images more convincing. I love the process and I want to high light more of the process in some cool collage/overlay texture on the homepage.


Katarina Countiss (visit it and tell me what you think!)
 (Earlier Post Relating to This Project)

Portfolio Update: Games are the Goal


I took this picture of my loose wireframe last night. Little signs that I should have a game industry job.

I'm gonna try use these projects for bait. (Early stage of change to the portfolio.)

I’m gonna try use these projects for bait. (Early stage of change to the portfolio.)


Today, I worked on my portfolio. I really want to get into the game industry I realized. I was watching one of my friends play God of Light – Android Apps on Google Play and I thought to myself: that’s the coolest thing.



I thought I’d add fun backgrounds, but they were a little distracting.


Here’s where I got a little crazy and thought it would be fun and playful to have my logo “tile” in the background… (And there’s me trying to remember how a CSS sprite is made.)

Wes Anderson Palettes. I might have chosen the least joyous of these color palettes for this website. I’m pondering changing it in the next session.

I gathered my senses and decided to use the tiles I originally made to pattern (I didn’t really apply myself with those patterns, anyways) as icons. For the background, I wanted to tie in the colors without being too distracting. I thought color blocking might be fun. I started with this “German flag” svg in the background and it did something really cool. It made it look like they were woven together, so I kept it!

CSS transitions for the images (they turn to colors when you hover over it). I’m thinking I want to put an easter egg somewhere. A fun glowing gem gif behind one of the divs so that when you hover over it, it pops out. I’ll  think about it some more.

I’d say I’m about half way through. I still have to further style the text and change all the other pages to match.

porfolio-update4 Katarina Countiss (visit it and tell me what you think!)
 (Earlier Post Relating to This Project)

Yoks Scratchboard and Memo Jar


It was my friend Dan’s birthday. He’s the creator of an upcoming comic, Welcome, inspired by Mr. Yoks (comic I worked on, which was inspired by his baby horse, Yoks). For his birthday, I gave him a memo jar. You glue a piece of paper and a clothespin to a jar and you have a one of a kind, interactive desktop/shelf ornament. It took me a few tries to draw it without tracing. I think that drawing directly pen on paper gives it an organic and immediate feel. Pencil lines make it seem too premeditated. I’ve been working with scratchboard lately and find it very easy to start and finish. The materials are fairly inexpensive and very portable. I highly recommend it.


Yoks loves it!

One of a Kind Collector’s Edition Merch for Shelby

toy Shelby product clip version 1 graphic design materials

toy Shelby product clip version 1, certificate of authenticity, and instructions

Toy Shelby product clip version 1: hand-drawn penguin, my favorite cartoon character (Shelby), using a Prismacolor Premier Brush Tip and some glue to affix it to the Modern Cube card clip. A Certificate of Authenticity: an Illustrator file with a complex-ish line then copied and rotated 15 degrees until a circle design is completed With some red diagonals for accent. Printed and then stamped with my self-inking logo stamp (I love that). An InDesign instructional document with easy-to-follow diagrams made in Illustrator including a logo that was colored in Photoshop. Jokey small print. I made this for a friend’s birthday and I think she loved it. Hard to tell with Stoics. Fun project. I like trinket design.


Here’s Toy Shelby product clip version 1 in action in her new home on a bookshelf in South Seattle next to a unicorn.

Shelby Logo

Shelby Logo

Eye of Sauron Shirt Painting

making a shirt for tolkien reading day

Yesterday morning, I wanted to wear something festive to Ada’s Technical Books’ Tolkien Reading Day, but I don’t really have any costumes. I did have a black shirt and some acrylic paint. I used an old yogurt box to separate the front of the shirt from the back of the shirt. This prevents the paint that seeps through to stick to the other side and then the table. With a paper bowl to help define the major circle in the Eye of Sauron. I used a string from a nearby tea bag to emphasize the flares of fire and lightning.