Video: Prismatic Ventricles- The Profound Poem

ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Present The Profound Poem – YouTube.

Prismatic Ventricles- From the great trio, another excellent mix.  This one has some clips from my trip to a place called Concrete, WA. A road trip filled with natural vistas. I like this video because of the insets. You can see each one of us having so much fun at this recording session.

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Kaleidescope Greeting Cards

I’m gonna sell these soon. I don’t know where, but I’ll walk around with some samples tomorrow. I love having a printer at home. Everything is magical right now in the #katmedialab. These are going to be beautiful postcards, too.

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Video: Samples from Concrete

ASMR: Samples from Concrete – YouTube.

Samples. At a Goodwill in Everett, I found an oversized rosary, a wreath and a rattle. In Concrete, WA I found a park with a pile of sticks and recrorded.  I pet a oversized rosary with a Mexican 5 pronged flogger rattle. Underlying sounds of water, tapping and stuff.

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Video: Prismatic Ventricles- Without Listening

screenshot-prismatic-ventricles-1ASMR: Josh and Melanie Session- Without Listening – YouTube.

On a Monday night, Squirrel and Echo came over and recorded stuff with me. We put the microphone and iPhone on the table and recorded audio and visual of what we were doing. We painted our faces and danced around the binaural microphone with tracing paper on our feet or a bottle of water or anything we had lying around that could make a sound.

For a portion of it, the Profound Poem was created where Squirrel read random phrases from a book and Slick and Echo improvised on the words brought out.

We also used a contact mike to hear the sounds of salad dressing shook up, the sound of soft tomato flesh being cut through and the sounds of our vocal chords up close.

Squirrel generated some interesting and unrecognizable noises with his iPad that he danced with.

I layered the video I collected over itself and reflected and colorama-ed it. I love that feeling when the visual and audio are put together in a similar fashion: overlay.

I put the track together by taking the raw clips and putting them on top of each other and adjusting the volume so that it was in a decent listening range. I started to slap together the audio instead of splicing and repeating it. I like the long cuts.  I like the randomness of the real-time experience where the instincts of the players is raw and our togetherness is still half-formed.

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Fall Arts

Yes. If you read it quickly, it says "All Farts."

Yes. If you read it quickly, it says “All Farts.”

Sept 22 Joshua Wolf Shenk with Jess Van Nostrand: How Collaboration Fuels Creativity.

Sept 27 Real Time Comic Real TIme Comic.

Sept 27-28 Welcome to Festa Italiana Seattle!

Sept 28 Seattle Fairy Festival 2014

Sept 30 Roberto Trotta: The Universe in 1,000 Words.

Alice’s Anthem by Copious Love Productions.

All October, the first Virtual Reality Haunted House 31 Days of Horror.

October 4 the Northwest Tea Festival

October 5 Welcome to CroatiaFest.

Oct 5 James McNew, Bill Frisell, and Jim Woodring Offhand Gestures: An Evening of Spontaneous Creation. tix sept 23

Oct 6 Nicholas Carr: Human Consequences of Technology.

Oct 7 Ignite! Seattle

Oct 8 University Book Store presents: An Evening with Stephin Merritt.

Oct 9 Marcelo Gleiser: Finding the Universe’s ‘Ultimate Truth’.

Oct 9-19 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

October 10 Reykjavik Writing Jam at Elliot Bay Books The Elliott Bay Book Company

October 12 WORDLESS! Art Spiegelman and Phillip Johnston.

Oct 16 Theodore Gray: Molecules: The ‘Architecture of Everything’.

Friday Oct 17 / 8PM Cherdonna:

Oct 17 Brian Little: The Nature of Human Personality.

Oct 18-19 Live At Seattle Center. Turkfest

Oct 25 Children of Men with Georg Koszulinski | SIFF.

Nov 6 Cheap Wine and Poetry at Hugo House Upcoming Events – Hugo House

Nov 8- and some time after EMP (indie video game revolution and music video exhibition) EMP Museum – Music + Sci-fi + Pop Culture.

Nov 16 An Evening with John Cleese

Nov 18 STG presents: An Evening with Amanda Palmer: ‘The Art of Asking’.

Nov 20 Seattle Arts & Lectures presents: An Evening with Ruth Ozeki.


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Video: The Hand Dance

screenshot-the-hand-danceASMR: The Hand Dance – YouTube.

I went to a studio session where we did hand dancing together and I thought it was so fun, I would do a solo video. Here in the aftermath of the Prismatic Ventricles‘ first recording where we used a contact microphone to hear the sound of a tomato (and strawberry) being sliced.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: whispers, iPad processed sound (Squirrel’s contribution), and crinkled paper, rattles, etc.

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Video: Zach Session- Everything Falls

screenshot-reflection-everything-fallsASMR: Zach Session- Everything Falls – YouTube.

This is my first session with someone else. Zach was a helpful and game volunteer. In the video you can see a readiness and a slight anxiety about the project, but we get through it and I think the result is beautiful, honest and strange. I like the facepaint ritual because it helps prepare the subject for the weirdness.

My favorite part: Zach tells us something he hasn’t told anyone else before.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: improvisational beat-box-esque sounds, a self-portrait in facepaint, the recording of an anonymous pianist recording at Volunteer Park during the Pianos in the Parks campaign of Summer 2014 (Home » Pianos in the Parks.)

The audio background reverses towards the middle. 4:11 for the percussion. 4:50 for the piano.  It’s awesome.

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