Shell Painting

shell-paitingThis is for Holly’s birthday present. Last week, we went to Discovery Park and walked along the beach. I brought home this shell. I will give it to her with the painting. Acrylic on Canvas. 6” by 9 ”

I’ve been thinking about doing this painting ever since I took the shell from its home. I was thinking of making it really big. (I got a big canvas the other day and I am really excited to see what I end up putting on it.) I like it this size, too. I think it’s a nice size. Not too grandiose. Lately, I’ve been making postcards and find it to be a very comfortable size to really hold and shift around in one’s hands.


My First Binaural Song

screen-shot-of-workI’m trying to understand this blog as I move into other media. I’ve posted lately to my new blog MakerKat | The Journey of a Working Member at Makerhaus and katcountiss on Instagram have been hosting some of my stuff as well. I will continue to post to this blog when I see appropriate. There’s this ASMR stuff that I’ve been doing that often (in my opinion) requires no blog post. It is what it seems. Sound explorations with my new binaural microphone that I’ve purchased with Kickstarter (ASMR: Whispering Gibberish and Sound Props by Katarina Countiss — Kickstarter) money. I’m looking forward to more explorations and musical worlds created through everyday objects.

I used to play clarinet, but I don’t anymore. I am not sure yet of what I’ve lost, but I know that it’s a precious thing to be a practicing musician. Through ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.) I feel like I’ve found something akin to music and something else. Something I never thought existed and I am still not sure how to put it into words. Here’s a song where I combined samples of sounds I’ve made into something semi-rhythmic and potentially profound (at least for me anyways). I hope others enjoy it as much as I have and I will continue making more tracks down this line of inquiry. I found it fun and relaxing.

Here’s the youtube video for the song: ASMR: Randomness of Darwin’s Theory [binaural] – YouTube.

And I’m interested in also seeing what others might come up with if they so chose. I love the collaborative creativity of the Internet. ASMR: Song samples 1 [binaural] – YouTube.

I’m definitely interested in working with musicians to get some classical diatonic feels. Hit me up! Send me samples! Let’s schedule a recording together and make it happen.

First Laser Burnt Poster


My first laser burnt poster. Not exactly my style but I love the concept behind it. 32″ w x 40″ $15. Matting board. What is laserburnt? I am a member at a Maker space in Seattle (Makerhaus) and have access to a laser in box, essentially. That box can hold materials almost three feet by four feet. That laser can cut wood and also lightly burn paper and now I know how to use it, so let me know if you want some pieces cut, burnt, or engraved.

This is a Makerhaus project, so I will be posting this on MakerKat later. I’ll update this post when I do so.

Regarding the content, I saw this thing on Pinterest and it really caught my eye. I enjoy that kind of speculation. Are we all in a simulation? In a dream, in a stasis chamber somewhere?

I am really excited about this piece. At 32″ w x 40″, it stands to be my biggest poster yet. I’ve made bigger paintings, but this is something else. It’s fascinating seeing the interplay of the laser and code with paper. Through my understanding and exploring of graphic design, it’s interesting seeing the old and new collide. Seeing that in this piece gives me an immense satisfaction. I’ve been exploring what “multimedia designer” means to me.

A part of that exploration is opening up shop. I’ve started the paperwork for my business license, opened up a business bank account and now here’s my first piece of inventory. June and some of July is going to be inventory making time, but if you see something you like, you ought to state your intention to buy it from me.

Over 10 years of making fine art, I still have to remind myself that just because people don’t tell me that they like it doesn’t mean they don’t like it. I’ve painted over  many  good paintings because of no response, so I urge you that you should definitely say hi and let me know what you think. (I also appreciate constructive criticism).

To follow what I’m up to with my online shop, follow me on facebook: Katarina Countiss Multimedia.

Birthday Card For Dad


Birthday Card for Dad

Birthday Card for Dad


Facebook-Wall-Card for Dad | MakerKat. Find out more about this piece at my new blog for all projects Makerhaus. I’m going to post here, too, but I love keeping all of my projects there as this clean documentation of everything I’m doing there. I am really excited about making things with new mediums. It’s been too easy for me to stick with acrylic paints and pens I find in other people’s pen cups. I love doodling. There’s something subconscious floating to the surface in doodles. I think you can tell a lot about how a person thinks by how they draw.

Mother’s Day Card and Painting Video

import5-15 016ASMR: drawing a greeting card http://only – YouTube.

import5-15 022For Mother’s Day last Sunday, I painted a picture of a lily. My mother likes Calla lilies, so I got one and painted it.

import5-15 017

My new painting station

ASMR: calla lily painting video 1 – YouTube.

I’ve been gearing up for my latest project, funding my Kickstarter (which is a project in itself!). I’ve been recording more videos, hoping that it will get people interested in my work. I’m exploring how to set up my camera and microphone to capture things while I draw and paint. At my old house, I hung my camera from the chandelier which seemed to work for painting videos. Now, I don’t have a chandelier, so I tried to use this metal bin on some soda cans. I occassionally hit the metal bars with my paint brush, so it is not ideal. I will keep an eye out at thrift stores for better solutions.

Recent Published Works of Science

It has been exciting to see my art/image making love and science interest come together.

“eJournal USA is a global conversation moderated by the United States Department of State.”  -from their website. A graphic designer for this publication contacted me after finding this work on my blog. File that under reasons to share your work online. Here’s the post where they found the work: Life. Here’s the online version of the article: DNA, Like You’ve Never Heard It | IIP Digital. They sent me two copies of the issue, in French! My work always looks better with French text near it/in it. I love the French language. So, I’m very happy about that.


Biosensors: Selective Detection of Target Proteins by Peptide-Enabled Graphene Biosensor (Small 8/2014) – Khatayevich – 2014 – Small – Wiley Online Library. I worked with the first author to create this image. We needed to show bionanosensor functionalized with two engineered chimeric peptides. We used Chemistry Software, HyperChem, Molecular Modeling. molecular graphics visualisation tool.  We scored the inside cover (Not really a cover, but still a great full page graphic) in this publication. We submitted the square graphic to the magazine and their team formatted it.