Daily Kaleidolons

kaleidolonsMy friend and muse, Melanie Diez, named the Image Series. “kalos (beautiful in Greek) + eidolon (“idol” in Greek, in English it means a vision or phantasm)”

Speaking with Dan, another friend of mine, he said that he was a little daunted when my pictures would kind of crowd his social media feed. He was like “they’re um… abstract.” So I decided to keep the kaleidolons to a daily scheduled thing from my Facebook page Katarina Countiss Multimedia.

I’m pretty sure that cuts down on the amount of people that will end up seeing the work because of Facebook’s notoriously bad business page algorithms. 14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business | Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. But, it’s nice to get it out of the way. I like the idea of my fans getting excited every day at 9am. With some persistence, it might be possible that there are some people that will consider it as regular as the sun rising. Like clockwork. “Time for a moment of photographic or painterly zen with super symmetry.”


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Video: Prismatic Ventricles- The Tomatoes are Telepathic


ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Present The Tomatoes are Telepathic – YouTube.

Prismatic Ventricles- From the great trio, another mind-bending track. Hard to say what all the audio is, but the visuals is a coloramaed, kaleidescoped video of pan shots of my painting series where I used big post-its and black acrylic paint.


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My Diamonds

After my success with reflecting Chihuly, I realized I could make my own works then reflect them. With amazing, results, I present all of these treasures. And enjoy this Kaleidescopic Treat of a Video: ASMR: The Clock of the Ages – YouTube.

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Chihuly Reflections

I went to Chihuly Garden and Glass and took pictures. I reflected it and made a video ASMR: Sculptural Garden reflected – YouTube. It was pretty magical. It seemed very natural and relaxing on the eyes to look at it.

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Video: Prismatic Ventricles- The Profound Poem (longform)

ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Present The Profound Poem longform [binaural] – YouTube.

Layered the Profound Poem with some recordings I got from Concrete WA. At some point I slow down and reverse one of the tracks. The rattle of an electronic snake is eerie.

This is the first video where I realized that all of the media that I scrape from the world, my instragrams and photographs of scenery could be plopped into the video that I’m working on. So, now when I go outside if something strikes my fancy, I already know it will have a home in one of these strange videos.

The video with the profound poem was broken up and remixed. But the original is quite striking in its Dada-ist approach to poem making.

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Video: Prismatic Ventricles- The Profound Poem

ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Present The Profound Poem – YouTube.

Prismatic Ventricles- From the great trio, another excellent mix.  This one has some clips from my trip to a place called Concrete, WA. A road trip filled with natural vistas. I like this video because of the insets. You can see each one of us having so much fun at this recording session.

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Kaleidescope Greeting Cards

I’m gonna sell these soon. I don’t know where, but I’ll walk around with some samples tomorrow. I love having a printer at home. Everything is magical right now in the #katmedialab. These are going to be beautiful postcards, too.

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